World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists (WAVE)

WAVEAlliance is accredited by WAVE as an approved Entreprenologists that can assist entrepreneurs in the development and growth of their businesses thorough sound Management and Quality principles.

WAVE is a 501(a) private not-for-profit organization chartered in 1991 to provide appropriate instruments of accreditation and certification for those courses, programs and institutions demonstrating a clear focus on entrepreneurship, entreprenology and VisionEngineering©

It is a voluntary membership organization drawing upon qualified membership to fill vacancies on: 

  • The Commission on Higher Education (accreditation) 
  • The Professional Certification Board (certification)


Alliance International Professionals Association (AIPA)

Alliance is a co-founder and senior member of AIPA to find Professional organizations and individuals who are dedicated helping business improve their organizations to benefit all stakeholders.

AIPA is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in 2010 to provide Certification for organizations who can provide Small and Medium Enterprises with Best in Practices derived from international standards, provide Management and Quality training, and on-site facilitation assistance.

  • Management Organization and Structure
  • Quality Systems based on International Standards
  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Productivity Initiatives
  • Customer Satisfaction Systems

The International University of Entreprenology

IUEIUE brings a new focus on the growth of the independent business owner, the entrepreneur and the small & medium enterprises challenged by changes in the economy.  There is an ever-hungry appetite to possess the change management skills necessary to embrace  growth and sustain success.  

For the working adult population, our vision is to service the needs of the individual who so often does not have the time, given the pressure of running a business and furthering one’s education to allocate the time needed to pursue a traditional educational programme.  IUE provides a unique and viable solution.






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